Procedures and rules for the use of the Bishop Gun Club Firearms Ranges- January 2014

We invite your input to improve these facilities.  These procedures have been written to provide for the greatest level of safety with the greatest flexibility. Some ranges have been designed with specific uses, or combination of uses, in mind.  Proper use insures safety.  See enclosed map for range layout.

1 To avoid conflicts, groups must register to use the ranges on the calendar inside the clubhouse. Please indicate activity type, date, time and contact person with phone number. Try to enter this information at least one week prior to use.

2 Put up the red flag before commencing live fire.  Take it down when finished shooting.

3 Do Not use Range #1.  This is for supervised events only.

4 Restrict pistol, shotgun, and rifle training to ranges #2 and #3. These ranges have been designated as the primary training ranges. Range #3 allows for up to 100 yards. If you need more distance, use the rifle range at the east end of the Gun Club. You must only fire from the rifle range house when using the rifle range, with targets no less than 100 yards.

5 Range #4 (adjacent to the clubhouse) has been designated as a 25 and/or 50 yard target range.  Put up two sticks and staple cardboard and targets between them.  DO NOT SHOOT THE STICKS.  Use ranges number #2 or #3 for high volume and/or close range shooting.  Only pistols or rimfire/blackpowder rifles may be used at range #4.

6 Pick up all brass when finished shooting (rimfire brass may be left on the ground) and take it home or place it in the containers provided.  If you don’t want it, someone else will, but it is not to be left lying on the ground.

7 If you are using range equipment (barrels, barricades, straw bales, etc) return them to the sides of the bays.  DO NOT SHOOT AT THE RANGE EQUIPMENT OR USE IT AS A TARGET STAND.

8 Remove all live ammunition from the range after shooting, do not put it in the trash cans or the burn barrels.  Pick up all trash (broken sticks, used up targets, etc) and put it in the trash cans or dumpster provided.

9 A locked cable is used to keep individuals’ vehicles out of the range 1, 2 and 3 areas.  Group users are allowed vehicle access.  Please relock after you are done.  Please contact a club officer if you need access by vehicle.

10 No explosives or explosive targets (such as ‘tannerite’) are to be used on the premises.

A considerable amount of time, effort, and money have gone into these facilities.  Please respect these rules and the gun club’s property, it belongs to you, don’t destroy it.  If you are caught abusing any of the facilities, you will lose club privileges and may be prosecuted.


We thank you ahead of time for your compliance with these proc